Stringent requirements are set forth regarding the inspection and certification of new medical gas and vacuum systems in healthcare facilities by the NFPA. Alliance Medical Gas utilizes a formal documentation procedure for all construction certification projects that assume that the analytical procedures detailed in NFPA 99 are complete and accurate. All medical gas pipeline certifications include the following:

  • System Design and Verification
  • Test and Evaluate Every Medical Gas Outlet/Inlet
  • Cross Connection Verifications
  • Patient Terminal and Valve Leak Testing
  • Pressure and Flow Rate Testing
  • Patient Terming Outlet/Inlet Performance
  • Medical Gas Alarm Testing
  • Piping Purge and Particulate Testing
  • Gaseous Concentration Analysis
  • Final Tie-In Tests
  • Labeling Verification, Source Gas/Vacuum Testing
  • Source Equipment, Gas and Vacuum Testing
  • Comprehensive Post Evaluation Report and Backup Data


“Chet is a very reliable and serious individual. He responds very quickly to service calls and is always ready to help on certain problems even if they are not his problem. Chet has a service contract with the 2 facilities that BHI has just completed.”

Al Harvy, BHI Construction

Affiliations/ Agencies:

Alliance Medical Gas utilizes information and is a member of numerous agencies and associations to development current Federal/ State and Local requirements. Alliance Medical Gas is involved with the development of specifications and governmental processes with regards to medical gas infrastructure, testing, and safety requirements.

  • NFPA- National Fire Protection Association 50, 99, and 101
  • ASSE 6030- American Society of Sanitary Engineers
  • ASPE- American Society of Plumbing Engineers
  • ASHE- American Society of Healthcare Engineers
  • CGA- Compressed Gas Association