Preventative Maintenance

Annual Medical Gas Evaluation

Stringent requirements are set forth regarding the evaluation and inspection of new and existing medical gas and vacuum systems in healthcare facilities in the United States. Alliance Medical Gas utilizes a formal documentation procedure for all inspection/evaluations that assure that the analytical procedures are complete and accurate. All medical gas pipeline annual evaluations/inspections include the following:
•Test and Evaluate Every Medical Gas Outlet/Inlet
•Cross Connection Verifications
•Patient Terminal and Valve Leak Testing
•Pressure and Flow Rate Testing
•Patient Terminal Outlet/Inlet Performance                                                                      
•Medical Gas Local Alarm Testing                                                                                   
•Piping Purge and Particulate Testing                                                                               
•Gaseous Concentration Analysis                                                                                    
•Labeling Verification, Source Gas/Vaccum Testing
•Source Equipment Gas and Vacuum Testing                                                                  
•Source Equipment Schematics                                                                                       
•Source Equipment Alarm Testing                                                                                    
•Bulk Oxygen System Schematic and Emergency Oxygen Connection Verification
•Comprehensive Post Evaluation Report and Backup Data


“My current Medical Gas services are with Alliance Medical Gas corporation, and I couldn’t be happier. Alliance Medical Gas Corp, has the best customer service, and is always available to answer my med gas question. Alliance also expedites all repairs to ensure my Facility is NFPA, and joint Commission compliant. I strongly recommend this company for all your med-gas needs.”

Michael M., Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital, Hines, IL

 Affiliation / Agencies

Alliance Medical Gas utilizes information and is a memer of numerous agencies and associations to maintain current Federal/State and Local requirements. Alliance Medical Gas is involved with the development of specifications and governmental processes with regards to Medical Gas Infrastructure, Testing, and Life Safety Requirements.
•NFPA- National Fire Protection Association 50,99, and 101
•ASSE 6030- American Society of Sanitary Engineers
•ASPE- American Society of Plumbing Engineers
•ASHE- American Society of Healthcare Engineers
•CGA- Comressed Gas Association