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Quality Plan Reviews by Alliance Medical

Alliance Medical Gas supports the need for a quality plan review of construction documents. The quality plan review should be prior to work starts. In this case, we saved the client an unneeded trip to the facility by catching a valve box in series error. Read More

Who Do We Serve?

Alliance Medical continues to support facilities from small dental offices to out-patient surgery centers through large medical center institutions. When you think of medical gas think Alliance Medical Gas for all of your medical gas servicing needs. Who we serve: Private and non-profit hospitals Veterans Read More

Proper Cylinder Safety

Proper cylinder safety in regards to High Pressure Gas Cylinders applies to all industries. In this case, the owner replaced empty cylinders of their Oxygen Manifold with full containers. After they finished, the empty cylinders were moved to the middle of the room and were Read More

What We Do For You

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation is passionate in the field of medical gas. We are the premiere nationwide service provider of Engineering Controls and Inspection of Piped Medical Gas Systems. The services provided include: Annual Medical Gas Evaluation and Certification Manufactures Equipment Preventative Maintenance 24 Hour Read More

Tightening a High Pressure Cylinder Nut

When tightening the pigtail on a high pressure cylinder, always use a proper sized wrench. To tighten the pigtail, snug the nut up to the cylinder and then tighten with the proper wrench for a quarter turn. Not using an appropriate sized wrench will result Read More

Don’t Over Tighten a Pigtail

Alliance Medical Gas was asked to evaluate a high volume leak in an existing Oxygen system. During inspection and pressure testing the cause of leak was found. An Oxygen pigtail that was over tightened created a leak that used over 3000 cu ft of USP Read More

Countdown to ASHE

In 45 days Alliance Medical Gas Corporation will be in attendance at ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition. From July 12 to July 15 at the John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center in Boston, MA, come visit us at booth 1620! We would like to Read More

A Tip for Vacuum Pump Oil Change

Completing a vacuum pump oil change, marking the level of the oil when full as well as indexing the drain plug is a good idea. Doing this will ensure the pump hasn’t been tampered with and also allows the technician to have a baseline of Read More

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation Receiving a Chance to See ORBIS International in Action

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation has received the opportunity to get a look at ORBIS International in action. Chester Wojcik, President/Chairman of Alliance Medical Gas Corporation, is happy to announce he will be traveling to Vietnam May 21, 2015 to see the process himself. Alliance Medical Read More

Alliance Medical Gas to Attend ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition


Come visit Alliance Medical Gas at the 52nd Annual American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Conference and Technical Exhibit. ASHE is having their annual conference and exhibit from July 12 through July 15 at the John B. Hynes Memorial Center in Boston, MA. Now is Read More