Orbis International

As stated in previous posts, Alliance Medical Gas is very proud of our partnership with ORBIS International. We will be donating our time, resources, and expertise to the construction and maintenance of the new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital. As a part of our ten year partnership, Alliance Medical will donate services in maintenance and up keep.  Our re-occurring duties will include Inspection/Verification, Preventative Maintenance, Integration,Training,and  Evaluation.


Alliance Medical Gas will perform the initial module inspection, verification,and purity testing for the MD-10.  We will perform multiple remote field verification to include off load, set up connections, start up, verification and purity.  Our president,Mr. Wojcik will personally assist in the remote field verification at the scheduled 2014 MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital locations.

Preventative Maintenance

Alliance Medical Gas will perform maintenance inspections and preventative maintenance functions to be scheduled with current flight engineering operations schedules on a six month interval. We will also ship up to date spare parts n advance, to be kept on board.


Alliance Medical will integrate our team  into the MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital team  email, teleconference or physical team meetings.  This will be important to keep us updated on any news or changes from the Flying Eye Hospital in order to keep all maintenance on schedule.


Alliance Medical Gas Corporation will coordinate the training as directed in the service operation manual and medical gas safety manual to adequately instruct the flight engineers on protocol service and operation.


Alliance Medical Gas will perform a comprehensive code and standards review based on the MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital utilization certificate as CARGO.

Alliance Medical Gas happily donates these services to assist ORBIS International fulfill their mission of saving sight worldwide.

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