AMG announces long term relationship with MMIC


Alliance Medical Gas Corporation announces long-term relationship with Mobile Medical International Corporation

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation, a nationwide service provider of engineering controls and inspections of piped medical gas systems, has entered into a long-term relationship with Mobile Medical International Corporation to meet the medical gas procurement, installation, and service needs for MMIC’s Mobile Surgery Units (MSU’s).


About Alliance Medical Gas Corporation

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation is a nationwide service provider of Engineering Controls and Inspections of Piped Medical Gas systems. Our services include Annual Inspections and Evaluations, Post Construction Medical Gas Verifications, Scheduled Preventative Maintenance and Manufacturer’s Warranty/ Start-up. In addition, Alliance Medical Gas Corporation provides MEP consulting for the design and implementation of plans and specifications. Alliance Medical Gas corporate offices are located in Springfield MA. To learn more about Alliance, please visit


About Mobile Medical International Corporation

Mobile Medical International Corporation is a diverse company offering both commercial and military/disaster readiness product lines for domestic and international markets.  Founded in 1994 by Rick Cochran, MMIC was based on an identified need for mobile surgical services.  Through the introduction of the first Mobile Surgery Unit™ (MSU™) in 1996 to the U.S. Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base’s Wilford Hall Medical Center, it was determined a more rapidly deployable, tactically mobile design would provide the first combat-ready shelter systems capable of providing “equivalency of care” to soldiers around the world. Today MMIC has a commercial product line offering U.S. healthcare code compliant MSUs and other healthcare delivery facilities providing on-site solutions to meet renovation, correctional healthcare, over-capacity, rural outreach, humanitarian and international needs throughout the U.S. and around the world.  MMIC’s U.S. healthcare code compliant mobile healthcare delivery solutions, based upon the proven success of the first Mobile Surgery Unit™ introduced in 1996, provide MMIC with a long and successful history of meeting customer requirements and exceeding market expectations. Please visit

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