AMG partnered with ORBIS to help fulfill the mission of saving sight worldwide- Operation


Alliance Medical Gas is very proud with our partnership with ORBIS International. We will be donating time an resources to the building and maintenance of the new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital. A major element in our partnership with ORBIS is maintenance and up keep medical gas units aboard the Flying Eye Hospital. Being a mobile unit that will travel the world, it is possible that the MD-10 could experience difficulty with its medical gas while abroad.  Alliance Medical Gas will provide a service operation manual to include all related equipment, specifications, drawings, manuals, and trouble shooting manuals.  The service operation manual will include an equipment checklist  for each dedicated service that should be performed by either the flight engineer or Alliance Medical Gas ourselves. The Equipment Operation and Maintenance manuals component is one of the more important services that we offer. The manuals help differentiate between small obstacles that can be easily handled and when our 24hr Service engineers should be called.  Alliance Medical Gas is pleased to donate these services as we partner with ORBIS international support their mission of saving sight worldwide.

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