AMG partnered with ORBIS to fulfill the mission of saving sight worldwide




As stated in previous posts, Alliance Medical Gas is very proud with our partnership with ORBIS International. We will be donating time an resources to the building and maintenance of the new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital.  Among the services donated, Alliance will perform a full engineering review.  This Includes review of the engineering drawings and specifications of the hospital modules as it relates to medical gas system, design, connection and function.

Recently our President and Vice President  visited one of ORBIS’ manufacturing sites in Vermont.  They took this time to look over the plans and units already manufactured.  Our leaders were fascinated by the intricacy and detail that went into building the plane.  However, they did notice elements of planning and manufacturing that needed improvement.  Mr. Wojcik and Mr. Petell used there knowledge of medical gas and piping systems to provide solutions that will be cost and performance effective.  This is just one example of our engineering review service.  ORBIS will be privy to our leader’s expertise both in the completion of the manufacturing stages and the operational stages.


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