AMG Announces Partnership in Support of the Nonprofit ORBIS International


New York, New York – November 6, 2013 – Alliance Medical Gas Corporation, a nationwide service provider of engineering controls and inspections of piped medical gas systems, has entered in a ten-year partnership with ORBIS International, a nonprofit organization that works in developing countries to eliminate avoidable blindness, to perform multiple remote field verifications to include off load, set up, connections, start up, verification and purity to ORBIS’s next-generation Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), a MD-10.

ORBIS works in developing countries to bring quality eye care to communities by building capacity with local partners to develop infrastructure, trained staff and ultimately sustainable eye care services. ORBIS utilizes their FEH to train local eye care professionals, host meetings and exchange ideas with key stakeholders including government and public health officials, aimed at encouraging the development of eye care facilities and quality training programs. Currently, ORBIS is flying a DC-10, which upon retirement will be replaced with the MD-10.

“We at Alliance Medical Gas Corporation feel a deep connection with ORBIS International and enter this partnership looking forward to making a difference in the world of avoidable blindness. It is our distinct pleasure to offer ORBIS International our complete array of services at no cost to their organization as a message of good will and to give back to the community and to those that do not have during this time of year,” said Chester Wojcik, President Alliance Medical Gas Corporation.

“ORBIS is extremely grateful and fortunate that Alliance Medical Gas Corporation has chosen to enter a long-term partnership with us,” said Carmela Raiti, Chief of Development, Americas. “We immensely appreciate their support and generosity and very much look forward to working together in the years to come as we continue our work to eliminate avoidable blindness with the MD-10.”

Through this partnership, Alliance Medical Gas Corporation will provide the support ORBIS needs to continue its work to eliminate avoidable blindness when it launches its next-generation FEH. The support includes remote maintenance inspections and preventative maintenance functions scheduled to align with the aircraft maintenance program. Alliance Medical Gas Corporation will coordinate and supply the training as directed in the MD-10 FEH Medical Gas Service Operation Manual and Medical Gas Safety Manual to adequately instruct the flight engineers on protocol, service and operation and field trouble shooting.

Facts on the Prevention and Impact of Blindness Worldwide:

• According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are approximately 285 million people who are visually impaired worldwide: 39 million who are blind and 246 million who have low vision.1
• About 90 percent of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries. 1
• Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment but in middle and low income countries cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness.2
• Up to 80 percent of blindness causes and visual impairment can be avoided or cured with proper medical attention.1

About Alliance Medical Gas Corporation

Alliance Medical Gas Corporation is a nationwide service provider of Engineering Controls and Inspections of Piped Medical Gas systems. Our services include Annual Inspections and Evaluations, Post Construction Medical Gas Verifications, Scheduled Preventative Maintenance and Manufacturer’s Warranty/ Start-up. In addition, Alliance Medical Gas Corporation provides MEP consulting for the design and implementation of plans and specifications. Alliance Medical Gas corporate offices are located in Springfield MA. To learn more about Alliance, please visit

About ORBIS International
ORBIS is a nonprofit, organization dedicated to saving sight worldwide. ORBIS prevents and treats blindness through hands-on training, public health education, improved access to quality eye care, and partnerships with local health care organizations. By building long-term capabilities, ORBIS helps its partner institutions take action to reach a state where they can provide, on their own, quality eye care services that are affordable, accessible, and sustainable. To learn more about ORBIS, please visit


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1. WHO (2010). Retrieved from
2. WHO (2011). Factsheet N°282 Retrieved from

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