AMG is pleased to announce our partnership with ORBIS International


Alliance Medical Gas is always striving to build partnerships that can have a radical impact on the medical field. ORBIS International is a nonprofit organization that works in developing countries to save sight. ORBIS prevents and treats blindness through hands-on training, public health education, improved access to quality eye care, advocacy and partnerships with local health care organizations. Their newest endeavor is the rebuilding of the Flying Eye Hospital.  The Flying Eye Hospital brings major operating and teaching space to countries who just don’t have them.  The current model is a  converted DC-10 aircraft which has been in service for over two decades. The DC-10 houses a 48 seat classroom used for training, discussions and live broadcasts of surgical procedures being performed in the Flying Eye Hospital operating room.  With the wholesale change of aircraft used by FedEx, comes the need to upgrade to keep up with the updated training the volunteer FedEx pilots are receiving.

 The new, larger MD-10 is the next generation Flying Eye Hospital, donated by FedEx.  The MD-10 model will house medical and surgical infrastructure, its hospital suite will comprise of nine customized modules similar to commercial cargo containers.  Along with the physical improvements, the next generation Flying Eye Hospital has increased performance over the current plane, which will reduce and in some cases, eliminate expensive and time-consuming fuel stops.  The MD-10 has an upgraded avionics package that requires only two pilots and less maintenance cost in the upkeep of the equipment in comparison to the current aircraft. This will in turn reduce the expense of crew training and spare parts to maintain the new aircraft.  

Alliance Medical Gas is passionate about medical gas. We are the premier provider of Engineering Controls and Inspections of Piped Medical Gas systems. Our services include Annual Inspections and Evaluations, Post Construction Medical Gas Verification,  Scheduled Preventative Maintenance and Manufacturer’s Warranty/ Start-up. In addition, Alliance Medical Gas Corporation provides MEP consulting for the design and implementation of plans and specifications. Alliance Medical Gas Corporation  will be donating our time and resources to provide inspection, maintenance, training, and any other medical gas service needs for the MD-10. We are excited, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with ORBIS International over the next 10 years that will change lives around the world.

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