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Improper Cylinder Chains


High Pressure Cylinders should be securely affixed to a building structure, in the case of this picture the cylinders are chained to the building structure but the chains should be shortened to secure the cylinders in a fashion that they cannot tip over. In most Read More

Proper Cylinder Safety


Proper cylinder safety in regards to High Pressure Gas Cylinders applies to all industries.  In this case the owner replaced the empty cylinders of their Oxygen Manifold with full containers.  After they completed this task they moved the empty cylinders to the middle of the Read More

High Pressure Cylinder Nut


Tightening the pigtail on any high pressure cylinder should be achieved by snugging the nut up to cylinder and then tightening with a PROPER sized wrench for a quarter turn. In this case the client used a wrench that clearly was not the proper size Read More

Manhattan Project


Alliance Medical Gas conducting an emergency service call in Midtown Manhattan, it is our goal to meet our clients needs and exceed there expectations. In this case our client has an emergency with there Oxygen Manifold which we promptly resolved and the center was back Read More

Hospital Medical Gas Annual Evaluation

Alliance Medical Gas technician Ryan Scott hard at work evaluating flow and pressure requirements during the Annual Evaluation/ Inspection of one of our many nationwide community hospitals.

Medical Gas Services For Mechanical Contractors


Alliance Medical Gas Corporation Home  l  Blog   l  Contact  Alliance Medical Gas leads the industry in piped medical gas system design, installation, verification, inspection,/evaluation and preventative maintenance. We serve private and public hospitals, Military and Veterans facilities, Surgical and Opt out-patient, veterinary and dental facilities.   Comprehensive Medical Gas Read More

Medical Gas Services – Covered


Alliance Medical Gas Corporation Home  l   Blog   l   Contact Us  Alliance Medical Gas Corporation leads the industry in piped medical gas system design, installation, verification/Certification, Evaluation and Preventative Maintenance. We serve Private and Public Hospitals, Military and Veterans facilities, Surgical and Opt out-patient, Veterinary and Dental Read More

Pope John Paul Bulk Oxygen Regulators and Relief Valves

Hospital of Pope John Paul- Krakow Poland- Location of the Bulk Oxygen Pressure Regulators and Relief Valves located inside the High Pressure Cylinder Room. A very clean and systematic approach, well engineered and accessible to the staff.

Pope John Paul High Pressure Cylinder Bank


Hospital of Pope John Paul- Krakow Poland- Each building on the campus has an individual Emergency Oxygen High Pressure Cylinder Bank, to include having a cross tie under ground for each building on campus, I found this very interesting and a fantastic engineering principal.