All Medical Gas Verifiers Are NOT created equal!

Medical gas testingOne may think that all Medical Gas Inspectors/ Verifiers are created equal.  Well, this is not the case.  While many Medical Gas Service firms boast low prices, you may get what you pay for.   Low prices are important for a facilities bottom line. But, in some cases, low prices and quick service have proved to be problematic for one large facility that we recently serviced.  We were hired to perform an Inspection/ Verification of the facilities piped medical gas system.  Simple, right?  One would assume.  Upon our initial examination we found that the contractor did not complete all of the tasks required for the inspection on the given date. The items that were not completed did not fall under the contractors direct control, i.e.: the low voltage alarm wiring was not run from the individual sensor/ transducer locations to the Area Alarm Panel and the low voltage wiring from the source equipment was not run to the required two Master Alarm panels, this also included the terminations that were not completed, all of which are required under NFPA 99 as part of the verification process. This information was brought to the attention of the contractor.  The mechanical contractors project manager informed us that he had a similar issue a few months ago where the verifier simply failed the inspection and walked away offering no immediate solution except  to come back another day for another days charge. This simply does not cut it…In this case Alliance communicated the necessary changes and corrections and assisted the electrical contractor with the needed wiring/ terminations to complete the verification in a timely manner while staying within the NFPA 99-12 guidelines.  The client and the facility were very thankful that they chose Alliance Medical Gas and asked us to be available for future Inspections. This is what we call Seamless Client Relationships. Simply take the extra time and effort to exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that meets the requirements with the goal of building a long term working relationship, every time!  This particular job started as a simple Inspection/ Verification and ended with a relationship built on serviceability, knowledge and a path for growth. Any Inspector/ Verifier can fly through your facility and test your outlets, zone valves and alarm panels. But are they going to go the extra mile to ensure that schedule and compliance issues are met?  Will they offer immediate solutions to problems?  Or will they walk away only to return another day for another days charge?  Flying through your facility is not ideal.  Slowing down and actually evaluating all aspects of the Piped Medical Gas Systems, while thinking outside of the box is very important. While pricing and quick service are important, prompt, knowledgeable and professional medical gas technicians are most invaluable. Working efficiently with an emphasis on quality and patient safety is key.

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